Trailor Mounted Lift Hire

GENIE TZ50 Hybrid (Petrol/Battery) powered Trailer mounted boom for our vertical lifts up to 17 meters and horizontal reach of up to 8.89 meters.

Where can it go?

The trailer boom can be used with two operatives either inside on batteries or outside on the hybrid engine. The surface needs to be stable and weight bearing with a maximum gradient of 10degrees for leveling on location of works.

Positioning of the lift is determined via access of towing vehicle or by the self-propelled drive system. The leveling of the platform is automatic via four hydraulic outriggers.

What can it do?

The machine is ideal for areas that have restricted movement in order to reach the necessary height. This is achieved via the articulated boom that allows you to maneuver up and over obstacles. There is also an independent jib boom with a working angle of 135 degrees and 160-degree platform rotation for final positioning when the desired area has been reached.

Typical usage types:


Transportation is via 4x4 with an operator/engineer.
Self-drive is not an option as yet, please contact for further details.


All our machines are six monthly LOLAR (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations) tested and then daily inspected prior to use. The operator is fully insured and IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) trained in the operation of the platform.

Machine Weight 2227kg
Lift Capacity   220kg
Working Height   17.09m
Horizontal Outreach 8.89m
A  Platform Length 68cm
B  Platform Width 1.12m
Height – Stowed 2m
D  Length – Stowed 7.16m
Width – Stowed 1.68m
F  Ground Clearance  25cm
G Length Outrigger Footprint 4.37m
Width Outrigger Footprint 4.37m

Trailer Lift Image

Trailer Lift Image
Trailer Lift Image
Trailer Lift Image

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